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    Thumbs up George Foreman is IN THA HOUSE!!!

    well, my house anyway

    yeeesssss, here I was thinking I just HAD to improve my protein intake and drop a buch of carbs when where should I go but Home Depot - and low and behold, a voice from above told me to ask the lady if big george lived there and where he might be hiding Sure enough, he might be there but I was told that they were trying to get rid of the last of him. Thinking quickly, I sprint to where he has been reputed to be sleeping (next to the refridgerators, of course) - I hunt for him in a frenzy but nothing, could it be that he had moved on????? A voice calls to me - NOOO! THERE he is! A light shines down from the heavens (or perhaps it was the fluorescent fixture) on his smiling face - and the saleslady, whom I had drug with me by the hair in my excitement - noted in breathless, raptureous tones that the price to take him home had been marked down from $99 to $79 and that as the last it would be $59!!!! just for me - if only I would leave quickly Surely this is fate, I decided, and after paying the blood money for his release, carried him tenderly to my car. Now, permanently residing at my office, he is whipping up tasty meat snacks (not the kind Nathan likes) in perpetuity on his enormous frame - and now I am a LEAN MEAN EATING MACHINE!!!!!

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    not where I want to be
    what size grillin machin did you get?

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    I liked that story Cycleon....very colorful and quite humorous. Spelling looks good and has good structure......I give it an "A-". Only reason it didn't get an "A+" is seemed to me that it was missing something.....maybe a tag line like Nathan has might have done the trick. Like “you’re all still pecker heads" on the end or something.

    I seriously have to get one of these gems............until then could you cook up a couple of burgers and ship them to me............I'm starving and for Christ sake don't scrimp on the shipping send it Fed-x, I’d like to eat them while their still warm.

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    You guys are mean.

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