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    Question 24hour fitness or Gold's

    so i cancelled my gym membership last month but i still have until the 14th of Sept. at Gold's. I was looking at 24hour and their facilities are MUCH nicer with more stuff. The price is about the same but at 24 hour, im limited to that one gym location only. SHOULD i stay at Gold's, or should i transfer to 24hour?

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    I'd go with the nicer gym if you aren't forced to travel. Most gyms offer a 5-10 dollar day pass when you travel (most even waive it if you say you just moved to the area and want to try a trial membership), so unless you travel frequently and will take FULL advantage of the fact that you can use other locations, I'd go with the better equipped option every time.

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    Depends. How much are you gonna be traveling around ??

    I wish 24 hour, Gold's, World's, all incorporated a pool. I want to do some swimming.

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    Being from Austin, and having gone to both gyms, stick with Gold's.

    24 hour is less serious about weightlifting (if you can believe that!) and there is only 1 24 hour in town that I know of.

    The Gold's at 71 and Bee Caves is NEVER crowded. It is often VERY empty.

    I know there's no pool, but being able to go to any of the 8 or so Gold's in town makes up for it, in my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KeyMastur
    Depends. How much are you gonna be traveling around ??

    I wish 24 hour, Gold's, World's, all incorporated a pool. I want to do some swimming.
    amen to that bro, all golds gyms need olympic sized pools imo

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    I always go for the gym with the indoor pool. That is the ONLY reason I signed up for it.
    If I cant swim in the winter time, then I become very unpleasant to be around. At least until snowboarding season becomes available.

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    Depends what your golds is like... mine is pretty hardcore;

    you need to be able to bench your own bodyweight for 10 just to get in... also curl 135, squat 315... etc...

    well maybe I made that part up.

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