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    Pulled muscle in leg?

    I went really heavy on leg extensions last workout. Ever since then whenever i bend my leg a lot(like squat down parallel) the muscle or tendon not sure which that attatches to the knee hurts really bad. It feels like a rubber band being stretched. It's been a week since I did legs and it still hurts whenever i squat down or bend it back, otherwise it doesn't bother me in normal walking and stuff. I was going to try and do legs and just go light and see how it feels. Should I just lay off for another week to make sure it's ok or go for it? Any1 have any idea what this could be?

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    Stay off of it definitely. Better to be off of it for a couple of weeks rather than a couple of months. Let it heal! Good luck to ya.

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    Exactly! Let it rest and have another week off. No need to risk serious injury.

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    You say it feels like it's a rubber band. If you do an exercise to warm up the knee, ie stretching or free standing squats, does the pain ease off? If it does then it sounds like you may have pulled the ligament or maybe even torn it slightly but if that was the case then you would be in real pain.

    Ligaments take a lot of warming up to get them ready for exercise, especially when doing gear.
    I would suggest going and seeing a Physio and have them look at it properly!

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    Defently go see the doc if its hurting still. Wouldnt worry about working legs out though. just let em rest and GROW!!

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