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    My joke of the day......

    A boy is going fishing with his grandfather. While in the boat, the grandfather pulls out a cigar..The boy says "hey, can I have some of that"? Is your dick big enough to touch your ass asks the grandfather? No, says the boy. "then you can't have any".....A bit later the granfather pulls out a beer and starts drinking. The boy again asks "can I have some of that"? Is your dick big enough to touch your ass, asks the grandfather. No says the kid about to cry....then no you cant have any of that either....After they are done fishing they stop at a grocery store to pick up some food and the grandfather decides to buy an instant lotto ticket for the little boy...After scratching the ticket, the little boy finds out he won 50,000.00. The grandfather says "WOW" do I get some of that"?
    The little boy says..Well, is your dick big enough to touch your ass? Why yes, says the grandfather...The kid replies...
    Then go fuck yourself.

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    under some plywood sheets

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    That's awesome!

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    I've heard different version, but that ones hilarious

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