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    Any TAT artists in Norcal (Silicon Valley)


    Anyone here a tattoo artist in the Silicon Valley area?

    I know of all the places to go....the places that everyone knows are the best...which is true...But I dont have that kind of money for the ink that I want done!

    I am looking for someone that is awesome at it as I want to do my whole back, or at least a large chunk of it!

    Being on this board Im sure that we could trade for stuff, or at least partially trade, so that it wont cost me so much uf front!

    I was thinking of having a huge oak tree done on the center of my back, with the roots wrapping around my waist, and some branches going onto my arms up to the elbows.

    Its a ton of work, months I would say....But I finally want to get this started!


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    8,849 should post some pics as you def looking forward to getting some tribal work done on my left arm in the next few months

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