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    Scotty, beam me up

    Interesting article

    Interesting read

    Dont know if I aggre with all the conclusions it but still interesting

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    WOW Great Read.........Agreed.... Very interesting Nice Post......Cntndr

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    Pretty wild . . .
    I think the survivor's accounts would conflict with this group's conclusions.
    I do agree, though, that the US ought to take a more "neutral" approach in the middle east, but that a lot of conservatives here in the US would get royally pissed if that ever happened. Personally, I think the Palestinians have been getting the shaft since the end of WWII. If I was President, I'd cut off all foreign aid to Israel until they pulled back to the boundries drawn by the United Nations back in 1947. Might set up a DMZ zone along the border like what they have in Korea, I dunno. But I really think most of the BS over there, and all the terrorism, spawns from the basic issue of how the Palestinians were unfairly deprived of their land, and we'll have terrorism and more and more Islamic fundamentalism crap until all that gets resolved. Re-doing Iraq and re-doing Afghanistan ain't gonna do crap.
    Oh well . . .

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