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    My truck got keyed for the 3rd time!!!

    So I go to school at a small university. It was keyed last year at the end of the year. Someone carved a "420" into my door. Now, I went to go to best buy and I saw two HUGE key marks, all down the bed. It made me feel sick. It's not even my truck, it's my dad's.

    Why can't people have some fucking respect. If someone has a problem with me, I would much rather they say something to my face. I'll go 10 rounds with anyone, but I can't stand cowards. Sorry, just venting, i'm really upset right now! assholes

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    Set up a steak-out.... capture the bastard or bastards that are doing this and stuff them into a trunk of a car. Make you bound an gag em and sedate them with some narcotics and drive there ass over to mexico were most laws are obsolete and you can have you fun with them... then after put some kinda sign around there neck "I keyed your car" and key a VERY nice car down there..... prob. some dealers... and leave there ass laying next to the car..... HEY PROBLEM SOLVED!!

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    damn sounds like you got yourself a cocksucker on your hands. I agree with big set up that motherfucker and beat his fucking ass. Some people can be such pussies.

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    i got a corn field and a ever seen casino?

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    Could be kids...random acts of violence. Just bad luck maybe.

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