Gentlemen (I use that term loosely) in accordance to Rule 5967-a (notification of avatar change) and due to the fact the "Mr. High & Mighty" himself is buried in books, I'm giving due notice that he (Big Green), as well as I, have changed our avatars in honor of our beloved AR FF league.

These avatars should remain until the completion of the season or until the shame of being the owner of a crappy team becomes so unbearable that the owner can't stand the thought of being associated with it (I won't mention any names, cough *Big Ron, MBH, Ripsid, Big Texan, llyod Cannon, Sigrabbit, Peter North, Razor67, Sublang, Infamous and Big Green* cough, so don't ask).

Everyone have a great Sunday and Ripsid…………………to save yourself some embarrassment with a loss this weekend it is perfectly acceptable for you to forfeit now and try and form the resemblance of a team for next weeks round………….cough *loser* cough………I mean good luck!