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    Unhappy Training burn out?

    Lately I feel like I'm burned out and like a need a break from training. I train 5 days a week and I give it my all everytime I go. On the rare occasions when I miss a day, I force my self to make it up by going twice the next day. And in the even rarer event that I totally miss a day, I feel as though I have cheated myself and that I'm letting myself get weaker. Remember the movie "Apocalypse Now" when Captain Willard is in his hotel room, in the beginning of the movie. He's sitting in the middle of the room and he says " every minute I spend in this room I get weaker, and every minute charlie squats in the bush, he gets stronger". Thats the kind of mentality I get, that if i'm home and not in the gym, someone is getting stronger and bigger, while I get weaker. Do any of you guys feel this way?. I mean I feel so unmotivated lately, and I think maybe I should rest a week or so, but then i'm afraid it will lead to bad habits, like thinking it's ok to miss days at the gym. Do any of you ever take a short break once in a while?, let me know guys I feel so worn out lately and could use some advice.

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    Bro, you NEED to take a little break now and then...

    Take a week or so off every few months! I found that when I came back after a week off I was stronger and had killer motivation.


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    sounds like a classic case of overtraining

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    Yeah bro, its cool too take time off..I mean you need to take a week off every few months, its good for your body and you will like it too. I just took 2 weeks off and yesterday was my first day back, I liked being in the gym, but my strength was down.

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    It is definitely good to take a break every couple of months.

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    If u can't stomach taking a whole week off, take 2 or 3 weeks in which u only work out 3 times a week. I was going 6 days a week for a while, and after switching off i swear i feel bigger, stronger, sexier. Give it a shot.

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