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    Can I still lift????????????!!!!

    I was at the gym warming up on incline (125, 10 times) i can usually do 155 4-6 times. Well 6 months ago my shoulder popped outta place, all the ligaments were torn apart. Today, it popped outta place on my 6th rep of 125 pounds. Just for a few seconds though...they had no slings big enough to fit me so they made one out of a gym towel, which i am wearing now...I think i just stretched a ligament on accident long enough for it to pop out of place a few seconds then it popped back in . The doc said that next time it happend, surgery and 6 months of physical therapy but last time the ligaments were RIPPED APART! He also said that i would be done for good after the 2nd time this happend, no more sports or physical activity! Fuck the sports, i just wanna lift! But some consider lifting as a sport... This time i think the ligaments just stretched...So im sitting here now, with an okay feeling arm, wondering if its okay to go back to the gym a couple weeks, or if i should go to the doctor and face the news ....what do you guys think??? Pray to God that i can still lift, I'll be doing that. Thanks...Also, for the guys that know how the fight went , check out the "Need help fighting.." Thread. But do you think i can still lift considering my injuries????


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    Damn bro sorry to hear that...I would diffently take it easy for a little while. Since u have a history with this u know how it felt before compared to now. If is still giving u problems in a few days u should see your doctor. I would get a 2nd opinion before going under the knife.

    U can still work lower body exercises while your shoulder heals...good luck.

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    I replied to this in the fight thread. There's a few basic tests you can do to see if your shoulder is hurt. You're looking for a sharp pain in all of them, or a feeling of looseness. k? i've had shoulder problems, tendonitis, and they had me do all these for them for structural tests. Good luck, hope you pass.

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    Regardless of whether you see the doc or not. If you do continue to lift i would lift VERY light. you do not want to fuck your shoulder up. My friend did this freshman year of High school and he has had at least 4 surgeries since then. now a junior in college. he does play ball though....

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