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    So many doctors; Who's should I choose?

    Alright bros, I have looked under my old insurance and they said I will be covered if I need to see the doc. It ends when my work insurance kicks in so I'm happy about that.

    Now, I am looking at doctors who are covered under my plan and there is something like 230 of them. Does anybody have any tips about choosing a doctor to go get my leg taken care of? Anybody know any good doctors around austin?

    thanks in advance

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    Check out where they went to school. This is not the most important thing, but info is info. Check to see if they have had complaints filed against them. Every doc who has been around has likely had something, and bogus complaints are common - But watch out if there are a lot of them. See if he/she has won any awards, held prestigious positions, and published any papers, teaches at a local University, etc. These are usually good indicators that the doc is knowledgeable.

    Other than that it helps to find someone in a small group practice, so you can see a partner if your doc is not available. Also, you might try to find a doc who is "middle-aged." That way you know he has experience, but is not too old. And often, people feel more comfortable with doctor's closer to their own age.

    These are some of the things my Father (a doctor) advised me on when I was looking. I wish I could remember all of it. All this info should be available in your insurance company's literature, and online at their website. Hope that helps.


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