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Thread: Ford = Owned

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    LORDBLiTZ Guest

    Ford = Owned

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    Oh-oh . . . better get Maaco . . .

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    kinda looks like the Tonka truck I had as a lil boy

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    I've worked at many plants that use these beast and they can flat out tear s**t up. One driver at the plant for Alcoa drove the damn thing under a bridge with the dump up. One the wildest things I've seen. There's an even bigger one than this if I'm correct.

    What do you tell the insurance company when you have to file? Hello, Allstate......yeah my truck just got squashed by an even bigger freakin truck. I don't know how it happened.............He came out of nowhere!

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    We have Yuke's at our plant here in N.B. and a few months ago we had to have some Port-a-potties brought in for our shutdown, well a Yuke was parked right next to them and when some guys went to relieve themselves the driver put it in reverse and back ever so slowly up to them... those guys damn near killed themselves trying to get out of the port-a-potties hearing that back-up alarm from the Yuke. Needless to say they didn't see the humor in it.

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    Hehe it was a good thing they where in the port-a-potties so they didnt mess there pants, but what a bastard in the yuke

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    I would love to drive one of those mining trucks.
    Watched a Discovery show on all those earth mover machines and it helps you understand how much attention you need to drive those.
    Probably felt like a rock while driving over the FORD.

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    Ahhh now thats CAT power!!!

    Funny thing is that a friend had a similar kind of accident with his car. You know those huge cranes they use to bring up stuff like ventilation units on top of hotels and hospitals? I'm talking about the BIG ones, that are wider than a street lane and need an escort wheneve they drive around...

    My buddy parks downtown montreal near a hospital, gets out of his car and goes into the building across the street. 20 minutes later some guy comes in and says "hey look out the window, a BIG crane toppled over in the street!"

    My friends car was under the cranes boom (along with 4-5 others). Never imagined a Reliant-K could be so flat!!! (crane operator forgot to deploy one of his stabiliser jacks so when he swung his boom out, the thing went over like a baby trying to walk for the first time).


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