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    cellular phones for email

    just wondering if anybody has used the new pocket pc phones for sprint..wanting to get one because im always on the go but i dont want to pay $500 if it doesnt do what i want it wanting to look at AR while im away and answer my hushmail

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    i always look at these too. almost bought the Toshiba 2032 off ebay once. was very close. but, decided not too.

    they say you can't talk for shit on them. most are good with the headset.

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    Do you want it to be a phone too, or just a pocket PC?

    Speaking from experience, I try and read AR on my pocket PC all the time and it really blows. The speed is OK (using bluetooth thru my cell phone) but the small screen really just doesn't work. I end up using my laptop to read the boards. But when I am sitting in airports and things like that I don't want to break out the whole laptop just to read a few things, so I try the PPC. Not really worth the expense, if you ask me.

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    I check my mail thru my Nextel, you have to get the internet service though about $20 month

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