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    any foosball playes in here?

    just wondering what you guys and gals think about foosball. i picked up a table a couple of weeks a go and love it. Its come to the point where ill stick my head out the window to se if anone wants to play. this game is so much fun. i had no idea the skill level that some people have. its nutz to see people passing and flipping the ball down the table. When i got tis table i heard my grades crashing but if i dont become a lawyer there is always proffesional foosball ( if it exists)

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    foosballs for the debil

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    671 a badass at it...not really but we play hella drinking fooze. 5 drinks for gettin scored on and 3 for scorin on somebody. Chicks dig it too.

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    One time these guys were playing at a party I was at and doing some bad ass shit.. hacking the ball with the little guys and passing back and forth... then BLAM this guy hits it HARD AS HELL.. it flys off the table and BLAM hits a guy in the eye... he drops and starts crying and shit.. he gets up finally and you can tell its already starting to swell up... everyone was busting up laughing.

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