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    What's acceptable here these days?

    I'm just wondering what types of posts are acceptable here on AR now. I've seen *everything* under the sun discussed, and some pictures of all kinds.

    I've seen some very graphic MS Paint drawings/pictures posted. Actually depicting intercourse (notive my nice wording).

    I'm not easily offended by much, because if I don't like something, I simply don't read it, look at it (click the f##kin link), or listen too it. [I turn the damn channel, walk out the door, logoff, leave,...but I don't whine and cry....] I don't impose my believes on anyone -- unless they are in my home and there is a conflict (then their right to leave can be exercised).

    I'd like to know the specifics on posting. As I've seen so much go by without question or comment (and I like it). If you don't know , don't bother (replying) telling me to read this or that, because I wouldn't be asking if I didn't look around a little (and/or see contradictory posting).

    I never post anything/anywhere that is inappropriate regarding race, religion, or personal attacks on one's personal persuasion.

    I must admit, I get a little disgusted with the onesies and twosies who try to control everyone else in this world - imposing their standards or beliefs on others (even religious patriarch [et al] didn't do that). I feel if someone doesn't like a thread, they should not read it. Also, if anyone comes here and is against steroids and wants everyone to stop writing about them -- they will and should be shown the cyber-door and told to go elsewhere. [Note: I surely understand the need for rules -- e.g. no source posting...]

    I recently posted a message in which there were two *ficticious* photos (links that had to be click in the thread) that contained *ficticious* male genitals. The post is apparently gone, without any mention... I couldn't care less, and understand that the option is always there for moderators and site owner (which I respect)...but it would be nice to receive some type of explanation, so that it is not repeated. My assumption is that someone clicked the "report post" button -- even though MANY people had no problem with the post.

    Again, I really don't care about the removal -- just like to know why, so that I don't repeat it -- if there was a problem. [The post that I am referring to is the one titled: Caution Nudity: My di*k.....]

    I like to post things that have the widest appeal, but everyone is different. We all have our opinions and ways... Besides, this is just an escape for me -- far from my real world -- which I believe is the same for many of you.

    I've really enjoyed being around here -- great group of people. My favorite-forum-hangout -- because of you regulars here! I wish we all worked out in the gym together (for a day or two, so we don't kill one another ).

    Hey, maybe we can make a reality show -- AR Survivor or Paradise Gym

    Oh well, just thought I'd throw this out...make some discussion.

    I'll probably stick around here some more. There's some good people here.


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    I saw you thread and thought it was funny,but thats me.Usually no nudity or offensive abuse towards other bros are not tolerated a mod to get further info.

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    I was actually looking for the thread in question last night....for the ms paint thread........but....I dont make the rules was pretty funny must of offended somebody though.............I guess having the thread removed is def better than being banned

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    the mods and such are fair around here...I bet that if you don't already have an explanation by soon will. Not that they owe one, they are just usually very respectable and fair individuals. I really like the way you posted your question. Respectable but inquisitive at the same time.

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