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    Anyone here buy Sunterra Timeshare?

    I was wondering if anyone on this board has bought any Sunterra Timeshare. I got bribed into going to one of there presentations last night because they offered a free trip to vegas for two just for showing up. The presentation looked really nice and everything seemed like a go, but I just felt so pressured to buy that I had doubts and didn't do it. Of course they said it's a one time deal, and I wouldn't be offered the same price again if I came back, so I just passed it off and picked up my free vegas tickets. I really like to do more research before I make a fairly large financial commitment ($16K) so I wanted to check the boards.

    Anyone have experience with Sunterra? Can you give your opinions, good or bad?

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    Cant remember who we went through............But we bought A week in october for Bike Week in Daytona Fla............Actually only have a few more Payments before its paid off......I love it bro......Damn I wish I could Remember the name of the Company that we bought from........You can bank the weeks and Exchange for better locations with great discounts on Airlines and Cruises......and the room is totally decked out with Big screen tvs and a jacuzzi in the master bedroom..........When we bought ours it was selling for around 8500 But that was about 6 years ago...............If you have the extra cash flow bro I say go for it.........You can finance it with low monthly payments and the return on your investment will double in just a few years time.........

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    Timeshares are a total scam. They use high pressure sales and get you financed at a high rate. You can't write off your payments as you can with a vacation hom, an RV, or even a nice boat (as long as it has a head and a galley).
    Now say finance the 16K over 10 years at $300 amonth and add ther required tax and maintenance payments you are paying over $4000 a year For a set week at the same place. I don't want to hear about trading weeks because it's a pain in the ass and not a sure thing.
    Many of these timeshares rent out their open weeks for $600 a week. Also these one time deals are always at full price. They always have resales available and also people try to unload their "vacation ownerships" themselves for a smaal fraction of full price.
    Finally, for $4000 I can take my family anywhere in the world including flights, hotel, meals and a rental car. Add the cost of flight, meals, rental to your timeshare and now your one week vacation is close to $7000.
    You were right to walk.

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    Yah, scam-0-rama . . .
    There are companies that specialize in selling unwanted timeshares all over the US. Probably can find a few on the net. If you really want one, you can most likely get a better price buying the timeshare that someone wants to get rid of.

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