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    Are IU'S the same as "U"s ??

    Since we all know that 1 mg of gh is equal to 2.7 iu's of growth my question is are international units the same as units on a diabetic needle or are some measurements on some pins different?Pharmacists seem to say yes but i'm hearing conflicting answers. Will someone please clairify whether they are or are NOT the same??

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    The only diabetic needles I've seen are marked 1 through 10 and hold a total of 1 cc (same as 1 ml) of fluid. If you have a question about how much your needles hold, you could fill one up to the "10" mark, then transfer the contents to a regular 3cc syringe, and see how many cc's are in your special needles.

    Keep in mind that 1 cc of mixed GH solution may contain 4 iu's or 10 iu's, it all depends on how much GH powder the manufacturer put in the kit. Before you inject, read the instructions carefully, check and re-check your math to make sure you don't inject too little or too much GH.

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