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Thread: Rec drugs

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    Rec drugs

    If this topic is against the rules then I apologise in advance and plz delet the thread.

    I was just curious about what is more addicting and dangerous
    I am very curious about different drugs because Im seriously feed upp with alcohole and I dont even like beeing drunk all that much. I dont party often anyway once a month if that even.

    So the things Im thinking about now is either ectasy or Amphetamine. What would be more catabolic and what is more addicting?? Also which increases confidence most? I want to be as hyped upp as this fucking uggly banana->

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    methamphetamines are one of the most (if not the most) addictive drugs known. They give a high similar to cocaine, but lasting for hours instead of minutes. 99% of people who use it once will use it again. That's a higher percentage than any drug, including cigarettes(nicotine).

    E is too surrounded by government propaganda to really seperate the myth from the fact.

    If you try either of these, be very careful. Anyone who is addicted to the gym such as we all are has shown themselves to have an addictive personality. That being said.. again. be careful.

    maybe talk to partyboy or somebody about weed.. i don't like it myself, but everyone reacts differently.

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    Can we keep this topic on Dance Safe please. They have a message board too.

    No harm done. I appreciate the way you wrote it.

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