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Thread: Hey Juggernaut

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    Hey Juggernaut

    Oh man, I bet you wish you had access to to the "Ask the ****** Icons" forum today!! Among other things, I've let members in on the meaning of life, the correct interpretation of the Matrix Revolutions and a given out a legit source for myostatin inhibitors. In case you really want in, there is a formal appeals process. Simply write, in triplicate, using Times New Roman text with at least line spacing and no orphaned lines, an argumentative essay in favor of your reinstation in the forum without using the letters "B" or "H" and by working in a (justified) allusion to either Immanuel Kant or the Hegelian Dialectic, neither of which should be burdensome given the relevance of the subject matter at hand. You have exactly 2 days to complete said form and openly post it (the open post need not adhere to the formatting guidelines above, though my copy must for filing purposes).

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    I'm neither Juggernaut nor am I a fan of justified allusions but I would assume you know that "legit source of myostatin inhibitors" is a glaring oxymoron?

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    urn in ell you rotten astard!

    Could someone translate this into English?!?!? Dumb it down a bit.............say……. something a third grader could understand. He lost me at Hey Juggernaut.

    I've a feeling I'll never be allowed into that wonderful site.................I hear they posted how cold fusion can be accomplished with a bag of dried ice, a bottle of water and a car radiator.

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