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Thread: Animatrix?

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    Could someone tell me what this is? I downloaded it, I had heard about it on tv and stuff. What is it exactly? They seem to be a bunch of mini-animation pieces regarding the matrix. HOWEVER, I was wondering, how is it linked? I mean, so far I watched the first 2, and one was kind of explaining how they ended up where they did, etc... So is it kind of like a history of the matrix world? Is there something you should watch before to understand it?! Or is it not even important whether you've seen the matrix? Although, I have seen 1 and 2, will see the 3rd tonight.


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    It helped me out alot with understanding the rest of the shit. So did the video game. The end story is the best!

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    Animatrix is just an animated version with different side notes.

    Anyways, it just gives you background on the whole thing. How everything started. How people started freeing their minds.

    Did you download the entire thing ?? The 1:41:35 movie that's 700 MB in size. Let me know if you've only got bits and pieces.

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    ..Its just the history of the it all began, if you will. It's just interesting, nothing requiring a pre requisit. Just sit back and enjoy!

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