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    I know this might be a LAB question, but . . .

    I want someone to read it today, so here it is.

    How many of you guys, when converting Fina, actually wait the 12 hours for the the Tren to separate? If you're going to filter it (with the coffee filter) anyway, is it really necessary? Why not just pour all of it through?

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    Yes, it is a lab question. Why would you want it answered here ??

    Anyways, I let mine sit overnight for everything to dissolve. If you don't let it dissolve completely, then you're not going to suck all the tren out of the pellets. Know what I'm sayin ??

    You don't have to let it set 12 hours exactly. That time is just allotted to allow complete seperation / dissolution.

    Also, heat speeds up the process - makes the atoms move faster. Just the reverse as well. If you do it in the refrigerator, the atoms in motion are going to move slower, thus taking longer for everything.

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