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    Been, and going to be infrequent for a couple of days

    Hard drive crashed on Wed, spent all day repeating safe boot untill I finally got it back on to back up files and such. New hard drive should be in latest at Monday.
    Still logging on from a diffy to skim posts and make sure everyone is behaving, but posts won't resume to 7.49 per day avg untill I get a full time moniter in front of my face during the day.
    I do have to say this whole post whoring controversy is a bit elementary, and I'll be here to give a 2cc's worth if I get my hardrive before a post on the matter would be moot.
    Pm's are behind, but I'm working on them

    Oh yeah, hello and hope things are peachy-

    CYC, stop sending me live feed of you shaving your scrotum with the Keymastur ass crack pic below for the fuzz to fall on, those images will not be backed up, I don't care what your offering

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    post wont resume to 7.49.. hehe I think you just put in your 2cc's

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    Pheed, did your PC get fucked by that storm ?? mine was acting up and i thought my hard drive got burned. i was gonna be pissed. but thankfully she started back up just normal after a few reboots.

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    You're going to be infrequent?

    I suggest prunes, metamucil also works... and if all else fails, Ex-Lax can make you "frequent"


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