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    Need Girlfriend Help

    Finally I have met someone that makes me very happy. She is everything I could ever imagine and more. She is totally against any drugs and I want to do another cycle but I am really scared of her leaving if she finds out. Should I do it and just pull off alot of protein shakes in front of her and pull out the ol' tub of creatine so if she ever asks I can blame it on that ? I just dont want to lose my dick and have her wonder why... I hate being a liar. Any suggestions? Thanks, Henry

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    3,952 long have you known her....dont ever sacrifice you own wants and needs unless your 100% sure shes the "ONE", and oyu you could never live withot...IMO do the **** cycle to please yourself...if your not gonna be happy during the cycle b/c your lying to her then dont do it...

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    Do whats best for U. My opinion is you do NOT want to tell her. Imagine ifs you were upset and yelled. What in the hell do you think she'll blame? What she doesn't know won't hurt her. It will come back to haunt you. Unless she's living with you, she will NOT find out. Just put out the Whey protein jugs like I do.

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    Strong relationships aren't built on lies. If you use without telling her, and she finds out, then she will definitely leave you. Tell her the truth, and if she cannot accept it then move on.

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    Do a cycle that keeps you hard, you don't run into Deca Dick if you don't run Deca. And I say don't tell her. It's your business, it's something she doesn't need to know.

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    For a wife..consider not using..for a your thing!

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    personally i would do the closet juicing. i used to get up in the middle of the night to shoot tren when living with my GF. she knew i used but never wanted to see or hear about it. do you tell her everytime you masterbate?some things they dont need to know. like when you sleep with other women and use juice.

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    CutieFace Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Death
    Strong relationships aren't built on lies. If you use without telling her, and she finds out, then she will definitely leave you. Tell her the truth, and if she cannot accept it then move on.

    I agree w/ this 100% however.....I've seen many many times when a breakup occurs if the female is of the vindictive nature that's the first thing she'll attack him with...only you really know her well enough to know what type ofperson she is

    Wish you the best of luck w/ this one hon


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    If it really is either her or the AS, would you be happier being bigger without her or "smaller" with her?

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    In my opinion, I would seriously talk her down and explain to her EXACTLY what the drugs you want to take do, there side affects, and how it would affect your relationship. My girlfriend was the same way. Completely anti-drug; and I mean COMPLETELY anti-drug..she used to be a hardcore user herself. But I managed to convince her that they would be safe to use and not addicting at all.

    Also, tell her that using makes you feel good. Tell her that building muscle is what you really love to do. Tell her that you want to use these drugs to further that process.

    And whatever you do, make sure you be as sincere as possible. Don't say to her back in the kitchen, "Honey..I want to go on steriods ..what do you think?". Don't do that. The answer will be if you do, I'm leaving. Sit her down when you are close to her and explain yourself as best you can. Good luck.

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