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Thread: Music Problem

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    Music Problem

    About one year ago to the date I burned every CD i ever owned onto a computer and then gave all the hard copies to some toy bank (total of well over 200 CDs). I went to listen to a few of the files today (they were stored in SonicStage) and for each and every one I'm now told that the copyright information can not be found. They still register as "there", since they are taking up KB, but will not open. They are currently saved as .omg files (I don't even know what that means). Is there a way to save them as MP3's? I've tried opening them with windows media, real player, and sonic stage...nothing works. This is royally pissing me off.

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    Bro, try going to and downloading a program that will change over the files. Most of the programs are free on there or a free trial and you can use them for awhile.

    Hope this helps.

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    download iTunes. and try and convert them all to AAC. iTunes will turn any file to AAC or MP3. RR

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