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    My Steroid Experience

    ...(cut and pasted this week's Tmag)


    Here’s my true steroid story for Testosterone !

    I joined a hardcore gym a couple of years ago wanting to gain weight and strength. I made pretty good progress by using basic exercises four days a week, and by straightening out my diet.

    After a while my progress started to slow, and the guys at the gym told me about ‘the juice’. I asked this one guy named ‘monk’ to get me some. He looked pretty intelligent, wore his baseball cap backwards, drove a jacked up IROC, and worked stacking toothpaste at Wal-Mart. But he was huge and ripped.

    I ordered a case of Deca , and a bottle of somethin’ to keep my nuts from shrinkin’ while I was ‘on’, and sumpin’ else to keep my nipples from swelling.

    Sure enough, within six weeks I had added about 24 pounds to my bodyweight, and my lifts went up roughly 15 percent.

    I plan to stay on ‘cuz I figure real men get their muscles out of a syringe, instead of by just guttin’ it out in the gym. I mean, hey, what’s more important than benchin’ four big ones on each side?

    I would also someday like to get my IFBB pro I can earn about as much as an apprentice plumber.

    The chix all crave a guy like me who is shaved and tanned all year round, and who take underground drugs that I read about in my favorite book, "The Steroid Bible"! And I always log on to a great website at:


    Please send me 100 bux for my story.

    Thank you,

    Terry Strand

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    Hmmmmmmmm, one word. CHICKENS!

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