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    Question I just don't me out!

    So I was informed of AR and decided to check it out. I liked the message board soo much that I decided to become a member. NOW, i have some serious questions and problems that have made my mind go crazy.
    So I'm a big kid, got good genetics. With that said, people who don't know me and see me in the gym assume I'm "on something" which I am not (yeah yeah..denial). I would know if I was using some type of steriod (s). THEN, people who do know me and know how hard I work in the gym ask me if I'm interested in "trying" anything. WHY???????
    I just don't understand.

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    They are probally low lives, I would never offer juice to anyone already happy with what they look like, It doesn't make sense. I would only enlighten their ideas if they thought about it... Keeping on gaining i say, and when you feel your ready to sauce it up then try it... If you want...but there is no rush if you are still growing...

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    I dont like to talk to anybody about supplements, diet, aas, or anything in person. That is what i use the boards for. I dont really want everybody to know about my knowlege on these subjects. I wouldnt want that reputation. When people ask me what i take, i usually say vitamins, and a good diet.

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