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    When a question is posted for a Vet or a Mod...

    Have you noticed that it is usually a Newbie Member or a Junior Member that posts the question. It also forces all non-Vet, non-Mod members to take a look and defend their right to answer...even though, they are neither. In fact, how many times have you seen only one Vet or Mod show up? I would guess it is out of apathy for such threads that they tend to stear clear. Most of the time, the question can be answered by searching the ed threads.

    Sometimes, an experienced user is needed to answer the question.

    Sorry, I have just scrolled though a couple of pages in the steroid section looking at only those threads, and I just wanted to relay my findings.

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    I hear ya....when someone posts something explicitly for a vet or mod only, it should be some ridiculous question such as "I was thinking that if one could alter the 13th molecule of an acetate-estered compound such that its properties might closely mimic (at least in practice) the pre-carbon or bicarbonate bond normally found in hydrocarbonate solutions...any thoughts?" Or, even something along the lines of "I had my liver values tested and my doctor indicated they were a 7.345 on the Zapinski scale, which seems to correlate with my 16/19 reading on the Cardith test. Is this a good indicator that that I should be able to extend the dbol out 13% over the intended length, even if it were to bump the Zapinski to a 7.45?"

    Well, you get the any rate, someone should not have a question such as "Is it cool to run 500mg of test with 300 of eq" and state that it is for "mods and vets".

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    Swellin Guest
    BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! You got it!

    That took some time and some thought to come up with that response. Of course, I am sure that it is factually sound. I just don't know what any of it meant, so I'll just believe it is spot on. Maybe Pheedno can come by and translate it for me.

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