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    Right now I am in college and I am looking at getting a degree to go towards like a personal trainer. Now im too familiar with this field but it seems some of the degrees I've been looking at are going towards coaching but i dont wanna be a like a high school coach. Is there any information someone could give me as to what kind of different degrees there are out there for personal trainers. Thanks bros

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    You could get into Human'd have to research a little more then that into it but I have a couple of close friends who are doing their co-ops as physiotherapists and specialists in personal training.


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    kineisiology is good field for this...some people i know who train for a living studied this and nutrition...

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    I am curently going to college for Athletic Trainer. This degree will qualify me to be a coach but it will also qualify me to work at gyms and maybe even work for a NFL team or something like that.

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    Like Bevo said, kinesiology is the way to go, as far as the training aspect is going. You may see it called other names like exercise science, exercise physiology, exercise and wellness, etc...depending on where you're going to school. Nutrition would be another option...

    One thing I'd suggest looking into is what type of certifications you'd want to get. Look for the bigger ones that require a 4-year degree as a pre-requisite for the certification - something like CSCS (for strength training) or ACSM...look at their requirements and figure out what you need to do, as these are the certs (IMO) that will allow you to go a little further in the field...

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