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    Swellin Guest

    Psychological/Physiological Quandary

    I am in my 6th week of my cycle, and I am certainly looking like I am on a cycle right now. I am expecting the accusations from my family to start any day.

    Tonight, I ran some little dip****s out of the gym that were blabbing at the top of their lungs...right next to me. My workout partner started talking a little smack to them, and that lit my fuse...I stopped the party. Honestly, who the **** brings McDonald’s cheeseburgers to the gym and eats them? None of these idiots were even working out. They just came in...ate their cheeseburgers and partied.

    Here is my question:

    Did the test push me over the edge with these guys?

    Or, could it have come from the incessant bitching here on AR about this type of behavior. Have you folks simply conditioned me to the point that I was looking for such an opportunity and reacted based on my response to all of your stories?

    So, was it physiological or was it psychological?

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    Could be both. The fact that you were able to trace back your actions of "roid rage " back to the phenomena occurring around you would be a stark indicator that you were acting out of physiological response at the time... this might not have been due to an increased level of hormones, but simply what could have been a combination of annoyances during your day, which in conjunction with your own knowledge of being "enhanced", influenced actions that might not have occurred on any other day. It's a combination, bro, not necessarily one or the other.

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    no dude, your a psycho, get help

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    Swellin Guest
    I actually posted this in jest, but said exactly what I have thought!


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