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    LORDBLiTZ Guest

    Talking Cool tool i just bought on eBay

    I'm not playing around with a coat hanger anymore. This tool saves you money!!

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    lol, i remember when i first moved into my house, i had a crappy little tv with a keg used as the antenna! I was ballin', let me tell ya

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    I work on cable tv for a living. In the next couple of years all the taps will be hooked up and disconected from the hub. All the drops will stay hooked up and a central computer will decide who gets signal or not.

    Oh yeah, all you have to do is smash the port terminater with a pair of bolt cutter and unscrew it by hand.

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    LORDBLiTZ Guest
    A keg? LMAO!! I pay them enough for my cable internet. I'm not paying for the TV too. Fuk them! LOL, i'm stealing cable just like the cable guys do

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