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    Omg man your legs routine killed my legs this morning i tried to wake up and walk just didnt work at all i had no control in my legs heh **** now this is some nice ass work out thanks man


    this is what it is

    Leg Extensions 4 sets
    1=12, 2=10, 3=10, 4=8

    Squats 4 sets
    1=12, 2=10, 3=10, 4=8

    Hack Squats 4 sets (feet out and wide)
    1=10, 2=6, 3=4, 4th set( 6 reps drop weight till you puke or die)

    Seated Curls 5 sets
    1=20, 2=15, 3=12, 4=12,5=10

    Laying Curls 5 sets
    1=12, 2=10, 3=8, 4=8, 5th set 10reps DW..8reps DW..8reps DW..6reps DW..6reps DW..and just to finish it off do a weight that you can and do 10 reps

    as for calves i do my own thinh. standing calve raises 12 to 1 reps 7 sets (12,10,8,6,4,2, and 1) and seated calve raises or donkey raises(preffer those)

    BUMP to bigOL again

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    Yeah...i did it awhile back. It'll make em sore as hell, but I liked it . Bust out the pain killers and get my wheel chair! It's leg day on thursday!

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    oh **** me too man thats when i pump my legs

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    good job bro!

    im working on some new routines and will post em up soon ...

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    hah thanks a lot man again i seriously couldnt walk after i was done and when i woke up this morning i was blown away basicly

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    you just made a new friend blowing smoke up his aa$,Arnold didn't even have an ego like this whatever you want to call him

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