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    Vegas Bound Baby!

    Just found out that for my 21st bday (in Sept) I'm goinng to be going to Vegas. How many have been to Vegas? I stayed a few days in the Luxor.

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    If money isnt a problem Vegas is always fun

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    A couple of my buddies just came back from Vegas a few weeks back, they loved it. Outside bars, walking down the streets with open alcohol, entertanment everywhere.
    The only complaint they had was the prices for cover at nudy bars, and that you can't drink alcohol in the full nudy's. I'm from Canada, I'm not too sure if it's different in different states around the US but they had topless bars (which you could drink alcohol at) and they had full nudy bars (which you COULDN'T drink alcohol at)??? I don't know what's with that, all we have is full nudy bars that you can drink till you drop at. What's the point of a nudy bar with no alcohol?

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