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    Body For Life Program

    What do you guys think of the Body For Life 12 Week Program. I've talked to MANY who have used it, and they think its incredible and it works!!! Do you guys agree? Please give honest opinion. Looking to cut down and shred up. What do ya think?

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    Here is my honest works!! That being said, I also feel that it is overly simplified. Let me explain. This program was designed by Bill Phillips to introduce people who have tried fas diets and gimmicks, to a sound eating and training regime that will, most definately, yeild resuts and get them started on a healthy lifestyle....without much thinking. That's the beauty of this program...all the calculations, formulas and guess work is taken out of it. He took tried, tested and true training priciples and organized them in a basic, easy to follow program. He simplified eating by recommending portions as opposed to measuring food by wieght and using differing ratios of macro-nutrients.

    I am skeptical that his grand champions made their transformations using only that program.

    Now on the other hand most people on thsi board have loftier goals, and in order to reach those goals personal reseach, trial and error and education are the key.

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    i agree with pete. i feel it's more of a weightloss, get into shape program.

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    Pete and Dane are right its more of a "I need to lose weight b,c I,m a lard ass" and facing facts any type of regular excercise and change in their diet will yield results.It does work for those people.

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    LI, NY... where it seems like everyone is on gear.
    It's Bodybuilding 101. Principles outlined have been around a long time... but brought to the limelight as some magical program because of the marketing strategies of one, Bill Phillips... who has since left EAS to start new ventures.

    But, for a basic program... it definitely works. I did it for three challenges. Train hard, eat right, grow. Go figure? If you're new to BB...follow it for 12 weeks... YOU will get results. No doubt.

    Problem is that the body adapts after awhile leaving people with a WTF reaction. After the plateau, your program needs to be variated and very few know how to do that.

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