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Thread: Ode to Hookesy

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    Ode to Hookesy

    You blokes are the best, I ran off at the mouth in my last post about this and made a blanket statement about bouncers;

    "F u c k bouncers........I hate em............" was my comment and its something that someone of my age and experience should not have done - and it's also something for which I am very sorry for.

    To LMR, Monster and B AKA B I do sincerely apologise - you blokes have an absolute prick of a job to do, and I am sure that the large majority of you do it in a professional and honest manner.

    More than anything else I hate losing mates, it started back during junior footy (under 18's aussie Rules), our Captain died from an accidental kick in the head - and then another team mate died on the training track from a heart problem later that same year. There have been other team mates or shipmates that have died along the way and somehow it hurts more than when we lost Mum.

    I know that sounds weird but its the truth - I really really hate to lose mates. If youv'e read this far I say thanks, and I ask you to read on and share my thoughts on a person who was very high on my Chrsitams card list...

    I remember oh' so well the day you first wore the Baggy Green, Hookesy.
    Me, a 13 year old boy with stars in his eyes - I had come to watch my hero Dennis Lillee,
    but instead was mezmerized by your flashing blade - five boundaries from five balls.
    And you couldn't have done it to a nicer bloke in Tony Greig!

    As I grew I watched with pride and admiration on those days you stood tall and proud,
    and from your own bat singlehandedly won games for us.
    Thanks mate...

    You coached me once, just another kid who wanted to be the next Aussie firebrand,
    And I remember that day and your no **** approach - just told it like it was.
    You my friend, were one of the few Men in life who taught me how to grow up - how to be a man,
    Even though at the time you probably didn't know you had.

    You helped instill within me a sense of what it means to be an Aussie, and what it meant to play Cricket.
    In one short day you taught me to back my own ability, to be my own man - and to speak my own mind.
    Thanks mate...

    Then there were those days when we'd all get to work the morning after another magical Hookesy innings,
    and everyone would be talking about Hookesy's great knock last night.
    "Did ya see that six over long on?.......... Maaaaaaaate!!!"
    When you were on your game - it was worth anything to watch.

    I see the Vics' are top of the 'Shield' table at the moment - no small thanks to you,
    obviously some of your rare and brilliant ablility has rubbed off - but then you always were ahead of your time,
    and when our Bushrangers hold the cup aloft in March - I plan to be there mate...

    And on that day, me and many, many other grateful Aussies will all whisper a quiet "Thanks mate!"
    For you leave behind many, many wonderful memories - and you mean so much to so many,
    and for your magnificent contribution to Australian Cricket we will be forever in debt.
    You loved the game, and the game loved you - and so too did the people my friend.

    Thanks Mate...

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    No problem bro, The only words i can say bro is i'm sorry it happened.. If you think about it life without your friends around is a much lesser place.. Thats why you gotta be happy in life, its too short..

    goodluck bro

    my regards

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