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    Inspred by BigGreens thread, How has bodybuilding changed your life.

    I can tell you it changed my life completely and gave me the ability to focus on important things. Two and a half years ago i was a 250 pounds alchy that literally drank everynight until i passed out or was cut off. I started running and lifting and now im a 200 pound guy whos hoping to be able to see his abs for the first time in about four weeks or so. My life has completly changed direction and because of my dedication to changing my body, I've learned to apply that dedication to school and other areas of my life as well. The last two or more years have given me more self-esteem and confidence than i've had in my whole life. I love seein people who i haven't in a couple years and watch thier face or even the ability to confidently talk to a girl. I know theres some other bros out there that have stories too so lets hear 'em.

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    i was always lacking in self-confidence. BB has helped me become absolutely self-confident...especially when i'm being challenged by some idiot guy. talking with women is much easer as well. i was usually the one initiating a conversation with a girl, but now it seems that it's the other way around.

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