Hey fellas!
It's been a while since i've been back on the forum and back in the gym. I just got my 3 year contract at 24 Hour Fitness and did my first workout today (back). I couldn't believe how much strength and endurance i've lost. I haven't consistently worked out in about 8 months (coincidentally...that's how long my girlfriend and I have been going out). Anyhoo, I just need to get back into the routine. It's sorta embarassing when i could only T-bar 35 lbs. I was weak to begin with. Question: I could still do 120-130 x 6 on the sit down row (that was about my avg back then), lateral pull downs were about the same too. But the T-bar was when i just failed miserably. Any suggestions on why? Anyhoo, gotta start out easy and get my form correct again and then gradually add resistance. Also, I REALLY wanna do the deadlift but I don't know the appropriate way of doing it....it looks a little dangerous...plus...i've already embarassed myself once...i don't want it to happen again. haha. it's good to be back. Gotta get back on the diet too. hehe.

BTW, my goals are to basically mass up a little bit and totally tone. Any dieting suggestions?