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    would jesus be a laissez faire capitalist?

    this is a question that has bothered me for years. i would not normally post it, but the last thread about religion didnt have too many problems so i will give it a go (if it becomes a problem i will simply delete the thread).

    it seems to me that most voting religious people in the U.S. have conservative right wing beliefs, which if i am correct leans toward survival of the fittest, rugged individualism principals. so my question is (as we have all seen on so many bumper stickers) what would jesus do? would jesus agree with the cold hard hand of government, and the shunning the weak? to me it seems to be a contradiction of principles. what do y'all think?

    disclaimer #1 i am not religious, but i think that everyone is entitled to their beliefs, so im not trying to disrespect anyone, im just starting a discussion.

    disclaimer #2 i have no interest in politics, since every time i hear the two sides it appears they are saying the same thing (as i have said before on AR same ****, different piles)

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    I refer you to the work of THomas Hobbes.... one of the greatest biblial scholars of our time...not to mention the father of modern psychology. I encourage you to read the will answer the question regarding Jesus and government. Governemnt and religion are separated for a reason..... The presbyterians destroyed Great Brittain in teh 1600's. The Catholic church has always caused problems with government. My answer to your question is thus "give unto cearar that which is ceasars and given unto god that which is gods"

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    Jesus was more socialist than you might think (well depending on the particular Gospel). Common themes in his sayings are anti-establishment, depricative of ungenerous wealty people, and in support of those in society that aren't very well off.

    Not too far from some Jewish teachings, and it's not surprising that the majority of (non-orthadox) Jews are left-wing democtrats.

    The Caesar line from above was a quote from St. Paul. His teachings differ substaintially from the Gospels.

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    watch the movie "The Greatest Story Ever Told" it will answer all of your questions

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