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    Helpful Nutrition Hints

    Promotes muscle contractions, mantains water balance, helps with acne. People that take diurectics should take potassium.

    Tea Tree Oil:
    It has antibacterial and anti fungal properties. It helps acne when applied directly to the blemishes. It is for external use only toxic if ingested.

    Milk Thistle:
    Protects the liver from chemical damage. Both AS and Alcohol use.

    Gotu Kola:
    Helps dispose of excess fluid (water retention), also helps reduce skin blemishes.

    Golden Seal:
    Another herb to help your liver. Also a great immune system booster.

    Evening Primrose:
    It is one of natures great anti-inflammatories. Helps clear up skin because it reduces inflamation. Also helps with joint inflamation.

    Another of mother natures diuretics and increases thryroid production. If you've taken T3 you may want to try this to jump start your thyroid.

    A great Diuretic.

    Lecithin combined with Choline:
    Helps liver damage from alcohol and chemical abuse.

    Witch Hazel:
    Shrinks blemishes when used as ointment.

    Helps liver recover from alcohol and other exposure to man made chemicals. (And we thought it was just good for burning fat)

    Helps with deep purple acne when taken orally.

    These herbs can be found over the counter at most good health food stores.

    Or go to:

    Some natural remedies to help with some of the effects of our gear use.

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