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Thread: Open Range

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    Swellin Guest

    Open Range

    I just finished watching this with my wife, and I loved it! I have always been a fan of Robert Duvall (how could anybody not like the guy who loves the smell of napalm in the morning). He put on a show in this movie. My wife doesn't really get into the acting and all of the technical stuff, but at one point she turned and asked me who else could have possibly played that role.

    The slight sapiness at the end was a turnoff, but it made the boss lady happy.

    There were parts in this movie where I caught myself standing up...saying, "that is how you do that SOB."

    If I had an old western rig, I would have worn it and helped shoot the bad guys from my easy chair...
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    I watched that movie a couple of nights ago. Great movie. I like the directing style it was almost like a camera wasn't there and you were watching a "real" conversation between two people and no-one was around.(cant really explain it any better)
    Great movie.

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