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    Some of the dumbest comments

    some funny stuff my friend wrote.

    today i will talk about some of the dumbest, most ignorant statements i've heard in these short 24 years.. And then i'll give you my thoughts on these..

    1) SHe was so innocent and nice.. I thoroughly corrupted her..

    wow, are YOU the MAN! no loser, you are not...

    2) He can do that cuz he's black.

    jealous? oh yes you are.. don't deny it..

    3) OU is #1 BAY-BEE!!!! "WE" rule!!!!!

    translation: I'm a loser whose happiness depend on the success of the football program and the punter on any highschool team can probably kick my ass.

    4) **** he is small!

    ok, mr. schwarzenegger, not everyone can be like you.. *cough*

    5) Mike Tyson ain't shiet.. I think i can take him..

    You are a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest.. And have even less brain than mike..

    6) I wish I was rich.

    I wish you'd shut up but we can't all have what we want.

    7) OMG I just met the nicest guy today.

    He is a lock to bring your world down and play you for a fool.

    8) She's ugly!

    that's why she's perfect for you..

    9) How do I get a bigger arm?

    shut the **** up, just.... shut the **** up......

    10) You eat 6 times a day? if I ate 6 times a day i'd be fat..

    You look like you've been eattin' 6 times a day..

    11) Man I need a girl.

    Your mom's callin'.. go pick up the phone

    12) The taste of healthy food turns me off..

    You turn women off.

    13) This guy asked me for my number yesterday.

    Congratulations on being 1 of many many..

    14) should I call? should I wait? what should i say?

    Can you move? the game's on tv..

    15) Why do you workout so much?

    I'll let my fist do the talkin' for me.. You ready for the conversation?

    You know, the thing that bothers me the most about these statements is the fact that most people are not only selfish, lazy, and lack the necessary number of brain cells to function as a person; but they are also completely arrogant and inconsiderate....

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    ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Uh. Youre right. Those are pretty stupid quotes.

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    beatin it up...
    Quote Originally Posted by bermich
    Uh. Youre right. Those are pretty stupid quotes.

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    Somewhere in cyberspace..
    Funny stuff though,

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    Something must have been lost in transmission

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    i like number 10...

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