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    Question What made you start?

    Whatís up? One site that I enjoy reading is It has a story of the month that tells their stories of a steroid experience. So what prompted you to start investigating and using roids? Here is my story:

    I decided to do a transformation contest with EAS. I study all about supplements. What they did how they could help etc. I wanted to be that dude that went from ok to awesome. I had already been lifting so I thought I was a step a head. So I planed out my program and worked my butt off. The one thing I knew was, I would not loose because somebody trained harder. After 12 weeks I was not even close. I didnít even bother sending in my before and after pics. I was so depressed and did not even workout for 3 weeks after. But I picked myself back up and started hitting it hard again. 3 months later not even close. Thatís when I thought they must be doing steroids .

    I started researching and learning about them. Had no idea what they were how they worked or that there was different names for different steroids. My eyes began to open up when I started reading about other people who had results very similar to those dudes in the contest. Thatís when I decided I would do steroids one day, but not before I took it as far as I could natural. When I hit a plateau that I could not break (lasted about 8 months) I did my first and to date only cycle. I did not get great results but I have found out from this board that the brand is known for under dosing their product (Loeffler sust). That was back in June of last year. I am looking forward to my next cycle and this time gonna get those results.
    I just gotta if you know what I mean.

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    our football team in college was into roids and those guys were my boys. so when preseason of my senior year of baseball came around, i decided it was time. unfortuneatly, i didn't do enough research. i started researching right before my second cycle. i was sub teaching and got REALLY i did a search and found the old AR board

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