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    LORDBLiTZ Guest

    Getting real fuking mad!!

    I've been getting popups from this site I emailed them and said if i ever find out who they are, i'll slash their throat with a claw hammer. I'm getting redirected to their site when i click on forums on this board. WTF is going on? Anyone else having problems with these assholes?

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    Dude you need to run adaware. You have a spyware prog. on your cpu.

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    I had that shiat too...Its in your folder. And it's a pain in the ass.. You really said that to them? I threatened to have someone tear their site down! Just get spysweeper....

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    Yep you sure do... Had the same thing on my PC from a different site...

    Hate those mutha ****ers... I loved the line about the claw hammer bro...

    Sounds like something I would do...

    Quote Originally Posted by Ryanhallmark
    Dude you need to run adaware. You have a spyware prog. on your cpu.

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    i keep getting popups that ****ing say stop popups and if i click its selling a popup blocker and i want to rape whoevers responsible for this with a dirty fork

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    LORDBLiTZ Guest
    Their file was in my cookies. It wouldn't let me delete it until i renamed the file. Dirty pricks!

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