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    balco and steriods

    In a report that i saw on espn this morning, barry bonds, jason giambi and gary sheffield all recieved steriods from balco labs. It is still uncertain if they actually used them. yea right, they just wanted to have them and never used them.

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    I saw that too. LMAO. They said that the newspaper wanted to be clear that there was no evidence that the players actually used the steroids after receiving them.

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    I bet they don't find any evidence either!!!!

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    i love how they all deny using juice....bonds and shefield will deny it to the day they die it seems! Its so obvious....look at Barry's head from his rookie year and how it is now...gaurant a lot bigger.

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    Did you guys see Jose Canseco on Sportscenter when he tried out for the Dodgers yesterday??? The guy is still a monster at 39.

    Those guys all juice, lets be honest. If you played a professional sport with millions of dollars being thrown at you to perform, wouldnt you take that step for an extra edge over the next guy ready to step into your spot??

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    I thought Canseco was under house arrest for a year.

    It's a shame, he should finally retire from baseball. It's sad seeing players that used to be so good trying out to make a pro team and then end up going to minor leagues.

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    I saw on a show caned, inside the lines or something close to that... They had this guy on there, he was a Dr or something, and he was saying all good things about steriods ... He said, you cant blame a guy who uses steriods to get an edge while for hundreds of years(but mainly in the last 100) people have been taking different things to get an edge.. Athletes would breath special oxagen, sleep at high(or low, i forget) altatudes, to gain advantage... They are being paid millions of dollars to be better then others.. They been takening every know supplement and drug to improve there game... So what makes steriods 'wrong'... Players take them anyway, now we got alot of people taking them, which is not approved by the FDA.. There is not alot of info on some the the new designer steriods.. They all got to be bought on the black market.. And they dont have a Dr watching over them and testing them 24/7... Now if it was legal, all this can be done in an extremy safe envoirment.... They also said that there are way more peoples bodys breaking down in the NFL... 90% of the football players become disabled after playing for 3 years... Now we still let them play football.. Also more people die of heat stroke, then they do from straight out steriod use, and they dont watch about heat stroke as well as they should... It was a great program.. that guy was awsome, and right

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