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    My little bro fell down the stairs drunk

    Knew something like this would happen... I have 2 younger brothers, ones first year Univeristy now - lets call him Mike, the other one first year high school - lets call him John.

    Well anyways Mike and I always drank and partied hard throughout highschool. John saw us all the time drinking up a storm, doing dumb ****, coming home semii-conscious and pissing in a random corner, etc etc.

    Anyway, I always knew we weren't a positive influence on him, and that when he went to high school he wouldn't be reluctant to get into the partying lifestyle.

    Anyway, I get home from school on a Sunday night coming home for spring break. It seemed John was pissed and fell down the stairs... had big bruise on his nose and part of his face. He told the parents he did it snowboarding. I think it was his first real time drinking.

    My question is, without being hypocritical, how to I tell him not be such a ****ing idiot. I know I've done some of the stupidest, STUPIDEST, **** possible while drinking in my high school days and its contradictory.... but to me hes too young to be pulling that ****. I didn't start partying REAL hard till Grade 11 and I never bashed my face up (unless it was in a fight).

    Obviously theres a double standard here. I told him not to be a moron when he drinks. What more do you think would help the situation?

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    Smack him a couple times and say..."Jonny, drugs are bad boy! " just kiddin..just explain to him to be much smarter about it next time, and to stay away from the stairs of course.

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    its allways good to just sit him down and talk ... tell him that you understand what hes going threw and shair the mistakes you have made
    good luck bro

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