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    Crystal Light with Calcium SUCKS

    Please don't buy this crap. My local market just started carrying it and it sucks a big green donkey dick.

    First off there is 25% less then the regular for the same price (I guess calcium takes up a lot of space).

    Second, the calcium sh*t separates from the drink and settles to the bottom. When it does this it takes all the tart/sour flavor with it. After I got about 2/3 down I noticed all the junk and re-stirred it up. BIG mistake. Drinking that was like drinking lemon aid with out the aid (sugar).

    Waste of money.

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    i get wieglers myself- its a lot cheaper and taste about the same ( as the calcium free kind anyway)..

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    I am a Tang man!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BamaSlamma
    I am a Tang man!
    that's funny on so many levels...

    honestly, i go with the Weiler's as well...good stuff...gotta go Raspberry Ice or Pink Lemonade...

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