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    Anyone ever been in the LSU weightroom?

    I'm trying to find a picture of Arnold that is up in the weightroom. It shows just his head with the word "Intensity" written at the bottom. Arnold looks like every vein in his head is about to explode from lifting god knows what. It is a black and white picture and is part of a gallery series. I can't remember the photographer's name. Any ideas on where I can find good Arnold pics would also be appreciated.

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    It is part of a poster set..I've got the set and love it..this pic is from an auction on Ebay as we speak..


    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Anyone ever been in the LSU weightroom?-ba_1.jpg  

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    um no

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    Quote Originally Posted by decadbal
    um no
    **** you! must you keep bumping 3 week old threads? I keep thinking this is new stuff I'm viewing.

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    LSU as in Louisiana State University? I'm from Louisiana and I never knew that he trained at LSU once.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheChosen1
    LSU as in Louisiana State University? I'm from Louisiana and I never knew that he trained at LSU once.
    Oh so everywhere there's a picture of Arnold he trained ?? Wow, he gets around huh. Just because there's a picture there doesn't mean he trained there. That's just the one that MasterBlaster likes.

    I've been in that weight room several of times. Where is the piece of art work ?? Near the offices ?? All I can remember is the Tiger thing when you walk in the door right above your head.

    On a side note - loved doing squats in there b/c they're near the windows - you can check out chicks as they walk by. Fine ones all over that place too.

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