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Thread: poetry anyone?

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    Dec 2003

    poetry anyone?

    I can see a beautiful face,
    I know not of her name,
    But her love for me,
    Her passion,
    Her desire to be one with I.

    She's to far away to touch,
    To close to kiss,
    Just right to love.

    She looked at me with such love I couldnt breath,
    I couldnt see,
    I couldnt hear,
    I could only.. feel.

    We came so close, her and I.
    The warmth of her sweet lips on mine,
    The slightest touch of her slender hips,
    Her beautiful brown eyes,
    Her caring touch,
    She was mine.

    I caressed her beautiful hair,
    Gently touching her beautiful face,
    I took her in my arms,
    Locked together for enternity,
    So it seemed.

    I felt reborn inside,
    Never felt this way before,
    Only with her right by my side.

    She locked her hands around mine,
    Squeezing them so tight,
    It felt like she was still holding on,
    Even as she let me go,
    Disapearing from sight.

    I awake,
    An empty bed it seems; yet my love still gleems.
    I close my eyes,
    I can feel her,
    Right by my side,
    Looking deep into her beautiful brown eyes,
    I know I've found the one.

    I come so close,
    I can feel her warmth,
    The love deep inside,
    So real, so true, my heart is in unison with her

    I drew a tear,
    So happy and true,
    She kissed me good bye,
    Whispering her name inside.
    I could not hear,
    Only feel,
    That deep down she was ment to be mine.

    It was as if she had stopped time as we kissed,
    As we touched,
    As we loved.
    It felt so real,
    The tear still remains,
    But she is no longer there,
    My hands tingle as I try to recreate,
    But it was just a dream,
    The same dream I have every night.

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    when you're not here i long for your kiss,
    i know you're german , but i don't want to piss,
    on you,
    it's too, disturbing to think,
    dear god it sure does really stink,
    bright yellow is not your color at all,
    sorry it's so bright,
    i'm on alot of dbol
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    Often I forget,
    Do you remember me?

    My pants are all wet,
    Will you jiggle off my flea?

    On a boat ready to swim,
    I want to lick your ear,

    Making love to a guy named Jim,
    Of my giant phallus you mustn't fear,

    Cornholing pigeons is my favorite thing to do,
    Please come here I need to rub my crotch on your head,

    Don't let me fall in love with you,
    It is you who i wan to wake up next to in the bed.

    My name is Juggernaut.

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    not where I want to be
    -taken from a bathroom stall....anonymous

    here i sit all broken hearted
    ran like hell but only farted
    how much longer must i linger
    before im forced to use a finger

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    Roses are red
    Pussies are pink
    But when pussies are red,
    **** do they stink.

    Roses are reddish
    Violets are blueish
    If it wasnt for Christmas
    We'd all be jewish.

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    Fort Worth
    Limericks . . .

    There once was a maid from Schlott
    Who dined on frog **** and snot.
    When she tired of these,
    She'd eat the green cheese
    That she scraped from the sides of her twat.


    There once was a man named McBride
    Who could fart anytime he tried.
    In a contest he blew
    Two thousand and two
    Then ****, and was disqualified.


    There once was a maid from Abrystwythe
    Who took a pail to the mill to get grist with.
    But the miller's son Jack
    Threw her flat on her back
    And connected the organs they pissed with.


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