Daz creator of virtualbodybuilding.com is searching for someone good at flash. here is what will be needed. I hope someone on this board feels upp to the challange it would bring alot more life to vbb

Hi All,

If you are a capable Flash artist and would like to assist in the development of the game please read on:

I need to get some drawings done (in a fun cartoon style) of a bodybuilder in 100 (!) different phases - from weedy to monstrously huge, and from obese to shredded to kingdom come.

For each of the ten levels of size I need ten different pictures showing the effects of their bodyfat levels.

Each picture needs to be divisible into the different bodyparts so that if a vbb has big arms and little legs for instance a composite picture can be created showing this.

If you would like to take up this work, please pm me with a example drawing for a huge ripped bodybuilder and a weedy fat one.

Payment will be negociated.