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    Thumbs down Sugar Shane Mosley

    Bro's, just got through watching the Sugar Shane Mosley vs Vernon Forrest fight, and Sugar Shane got destroyed. Forrest almost knocked his head off in the second round, they should have stopped it then, and had him almost out in the 11th round. Either Sugar Shane has been way overated or Vernon Forrest is one Bad MF. Everyone has been saying Mosley is the best pound for pound, I guess not anymore. I wish Roy Jones Jr. would fight some good fighters, like Mosley did tonight , then we'd find out how good he really is. Way to go Vernon Forrest. Great Fight Bro.

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    I saw that fight. My brother was telling me how great this sugar Shane guy was. By round 2, I was like "I thought you said this guy was good?!"

    He got his ass kicked. The great thing was that both fighters were sportsman and gentlemen. Not like Tyson.

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    everyone is entitled to an off night, and this was shanes. he is one bad ass dude. wait until next time. he underated forrest and when he got cut, then clocked and almost knocked out, he started to remember when as an amatuer, forrest beat him... all that combiined cost him his titles. not taking anything away from forrest, he was dead on. but, shane took his best shots and still finished the fight. warriors both. good fight. cant wait for the rematch.

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    that was psychological..shane was undefeated as a pro, but his last loss was to forrest as an amatuer. he knew he couldn't beat forrest. if they fight again, shane will lose again.

    stay tuned this saturday....Roy Jones AND Bernard Hopkins are fighting...not each other though

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