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    F#$K*&@ throbbing head ache!

    Hey guys..i just needed some input as to what the **** is happening to me. Im currently on a test deca cycle and dont know if this is contributing to the problem. Well yesterday i was at the gym doing bench press and doing my last set on the flat bench and i was pushing all out for my last rep with a spotter. All of a sudden on my last rep i got a massive surge of pain the rushed through the back of my head...the whole back side of my head felt like it was a pulsating pain that wouldnt go hurt so bad that i had to cut my workout short and i went home to rest it off. I thought id be okay today since there wasnt any pain throughout the day. I went to the gym and today i was suppose to work out my back. I started doin my first excercise for back which was cable rows. On my first set and first rep i breathed in and breathed out and when u do that pressure gets pushed into the head. Again i felt that surge of pain and i had to cut my workout short again. This is a becoming seriously annoying. I was wondering if any of you guys might know what the **** is my brains problem. Thanks..

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    adrenaline high
    check your blood pressure bro. it's probably high and that will cause mind-bending headaches.

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